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Weekly Comic Challenge

Challenge Me!

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Weekly Comic Challenge is a community based around the love of comics and creating them. Every week on monday a challenge will be passed out, it'll either be a word, a quote, a theme, or song lyrics.
The challenge is to draw a comic (maximum ten pages)using the themes.
Participation isn't mandatory and you don't have to be fantastic at art either. Give yourself a fun chance to express yourself!
(You don't have to draw a comic if you join, viewing is just as fine as participating ^.^ )


1.Images must not exceed 600 x 400.
2.Spamming is not allowed, any who are caught spamming will be banned.
3. No flaming, those who are caught doing so will be banned.
4. Any medium may be used (pencils, inks, water colour, photoshop, etc.)
5. Maximum of ten pages.
6. Comic must be behind a LJ Cut.
7. If the comic has anything unsuitable for a younger audience, put a warning before the LJ cut.